Organic Waste Ban

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Organic Waste Ban

Metro Vancouver Organic waste ban

In Vancouver, there are a number of dumpster rental services you can choose from. And when you have to make a choice, one of the first questions that you ask would be about the dumpster cost. Firstly, understand that the cost of a dumpster rental depends upon a number of factors, and not just on the company you choose.

When you hire a disposal bins rental service, you pay for the dumpster, the pickup and disposal of waste material or debris and the amount of waste that you want disposed, loading of the waste material into the truck and any fee for permits, if the dumpster has to sit in your lawn or on the street for a couple of days or more.

Usually, a minimum charge is payable to the vendor based on the dumpster sizes you rent.

New rules go into effect Jan. 1, Vancouver adds organic waste and food scrap to the list of items banned from waste stations. The first six months of 2015 will be a “grace period," when inspectors like Peers will focus on educating and encouraging waste haulers about the new rules, instead of writing up violation notices. But starting July 1, those caught dumping excessive amounts of food waste will be subject to surcharges, just as they are now for banned items such as paint cans, cardboard, oil or electronics. This means food scraps will need to be separated from regular garbage, including everything from raw food and banana peels, to tea bags and leftovers scraped off the plate. Many residents, especially those in single-family homes, have been separating food waste from their regular garbage for quite some time. But the new rules will affect apartments, businesses, schools and public facilities. amount of food waste she sees in Lower Mainland transfer stations. Watch our Orange Bins video

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