12 Yard Bin Vancouver Orange Bins -16 Yard Bin, 18 Yard Bin, 20 Yard, 5 Yard Bin Rentals

Orange Bins offers dumpsters from 5 yard dumpster bins to 20 yard dumpster rentals.

This chart will help you decide which dumpster will be the ideal Orange Bin for your waste disposal and garbage removal.

Fast, efficient delivery and friendly customer service make Orange Bins your #1 choice for waste disposal bin and dumpster needs in Vancouver.

5 yard bin5 Yard Bin Rental Dumpster

Size: 10' x 6' x 2'

Projects: dirt, soil, rock, sand, sod, turf, concrete, asphalt, bricks, red bricks, concrete with re-bar.

FREE delivery and appropriate recycling included with rental. Order now.

ALL Bin size and volume are approximate

12 yard mini bin dumpster12 Yard Bin Rental Dumpster

Size: 12' x 8' x 4'
12 yard bins for roofing, renos, construction debris OPEN TODAY 604-445-1000


16 yard dumpster16 Yard Bin Rentals Dumpster - The most popular bin !

Size: 12' x 8' x 5'
Driveway Friendly: Yes
Projects: Slightly larger landscaping or construction site projects where running out of space is not an option

FREE delivery and appropriate recycling included with rental. Order now.

18 yard dumpster 18 Yard Bin Rental Dumpster

Size: 11' x 8' x 6'
Driveway Friendly: Yes
Projects: Any construction site with massive amounts of rubbish to remove, commonly used at houses, construction sites, demolition sites.

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20 yard dumpster rental 20 Yard Bin Rental Dumpster 

Size: 12' x 8' x 6'
Driveway Friendly: Yes
Projects: For rubbish removal, junk removal, hoarders, moving out, construction site waste, demolition trash, wood and garbage.

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Delivery with the Rental of Any Waste Disposal Bin or BinDumpster Rental

Orange Bins offers free delivery with the rental of any Waste Disposal Bin or Dumpster in Vancouver.

12 yard bin

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