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We offer Topsoil, Garden Soil, Turf Soil, Lawn Soil and other products

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Garden Soil

Garden Soil

Garden soil for flowerbed or garden.

Approximately 75% Soil - 25% Sand

Lawn Soil - Turf Soil

Lawn soil

Turf soil blend is used for seeding and sodding. 

Approximately 50% Soil - 50% Sand

 Fir Bark Mulch

Fir Bark Mulch

The Fir Bark mulch is red/ brown 1" minus used for flower and garden beds.

Composted Bark Mulch

Composted Dark Bark Mulch  

Mulch adds nutrient to the soil and improves the absorption of water into soil.

3/4 Clear Crush

3/4 crush                                                                                          

Clear Crushed Gravel for landscaping, driveways, parking areas, walkways and drainage projects. 

3/4 Road base

Road Base

Base material primarily used in driveways, pathways and pipe bedding. 

Sechelt Sand

 Sechelt Sand

Sechelt Sand is a free draining washed sand.

A base for paving stones, slabs and backfill.


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