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Garden Soil

Garden blend is ideal for flowerbeds or garden. 75% compost includes:
nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur
 iron, boron, copper, chlorine, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt, nickel.
Sand for aeration and drainage 25%. 1.2 lbs of nitrogen per cubic yard.

.Lawn Soil

Turf blend is used for seeding, and sodding. 

Mixed with approximately 45% sand. 

This adds drainage and helps maintain a level lawn.

3/4 Clear Crush


  Clear Crushed Gravel is an excellent aggregate for landscaping, driveways, parking areas, walkways and drainage projects. 

3/4 Road base

Base material primarily used in driveways and pathways, and an excellent wet weather product. Can also be used for pipe bedding. 

 Sechelt Sand

 sechelt sand delivered North Vancouver

Sechelt Sand is a free draining washed sand.

It is utilized as a base for paving stones, slabs, as well as for backfill.

The sand can be compacted and used as pipe bedding and construction. 

Sechelt sand is ideal for landscape.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand delivery North Vancouver

 Concrete Sand is washed and graded to be used for ready mix concrete.

This sand can also be used underneath slabs, paving stones, backfill, behind retaining walls

Bark Mulch

Bright Mulch

Dark Mulch

 Bark Mulch delivery North Vancouver

 Mulch adds nutrients to the soil and improves the absorption of water into soil also helps prevent soil compaction.

3/4 Navvy Jack


A mix of rock and sand, available in 3/4″ size, used to mix your own concrete. 

3" Road base

Road base will last much longer if contour is graded to a crown. It allows the storm water to be shed and keep the road bed from becoming a bed of mud

3/4 Round Stone

Can be used for pipe bedding, under concrete slabs, and as backfill for retaining walls and drainage blankets.

1.5" Round Stone

Decorative natural round stone screened 1.5″  and washed For use around pools, foundation, planting beds

2-6" River Rock

Landscape, decorative and drainage uses.


Pea gravel consists of small, smooth, rounded stones used to create aggregate concrete surfaces. Also may be used as a walking or driving surface.

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