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Dumpsters are large waste receptacles usually made of steel. The purpose of dumpsters is to store garbage or rubbish until all of it can be dumped in to a garbage truck and then disposed of. Dumpsters are used to collect all kinds of waste, and even for recycling purpose. 


Dumpsters are usually placed around any office, school, or residential building to store rubbish from these areas. These dumpsters are then emptied in to a garbage truck, which move all this garbage away from these places to designated garbage sites. All this rubbish is then segregated to identify the materials, which can re-used or recycled. 


Dumpsters come in many sizes, and are placed depending on the waste generating capacity of the area of where it is placed. Large dumpsters are emptied into garbage trucks with the help if hydraulics which lift the dumpster and flip it empty in to the truck. Rear-loading trucks empty smaller dumpsters. At some places mobile construction dumpsters are also used, which could be moved to different construction sites on demand. These dumpsters are usually 5 cubic yards in size. These dumpsters are placed for smaller jobs such as small remodeling jobs or lawn cleaning jobs. 


Bigger dumpsters come in the range of 10 to 20 cubic yards in size and these are used at large construction sites, near factories or industrial sites. There is also a 95 gallon dumpster which fits the bill where a bin would be too small and a normal dumpster is too large to deploy for the waste generating capacity of the place. 


There are a lot of dumpster rental services which can provide dumpster specific to the need of the place and waste generating capacity. Call Orange Bins at 604-985-4211 for your waste removal services.

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